We love to host and participate in Jeeps events.  

Upcoming Events:



Over 400 Jeeps participated and we raised $100,000+ for breast cancer awareness.

Jeep Life is a proud sponsor of this event!! 💚|||||||💚

2021 Jeepin for a Cure event

Check out this amazing event to raise funds and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.  We're expecting 400 Jeeps at this year's event.

Jeep Life is a proud sponsor of this event!! 💚|||||||💚

2021 Jeep Life Camping & Kayaking | Alley Spring & Mill | August 13-15, 2021

Kayaking and camping at Alley Spring Mill in Eminence MO.  Jeepin back roads and headed into town for dinner and ice cream

2021 FULL MOON JEEP RUN | February 27, 2021

 The next full moon is February 27.  We're Planning another Full Moon Jeep Run.

This event is hosted by Jeep Life Sales & Accessories  💚|||||||💚

The Great JEEP LIFE BEER Run | August 21 - 23, 2020

JEEP LIFE Sales & Accessories and 4 By 4 Brewing Company have teamed up for this great event. 4 by 4 Brewing Company is making a special addition JEEP LIFE BEER!! Interested in trying this and many others? Join us for this amazing event. 🍺

2020 FULL MOON JEEP RUN | June 5, 2020

The next full moon is coming up June 5, 2020. Our plans are to go driving down a couple of small forestry service roads in the dark. This will be one of the most epic Jeep drives you will ever attend. You don't want to miss this!